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What Are Private Label Rights or PLR?

Have You Ever Thought About Using PLR or Private Label Rights in Your Business? In my opinion PLR or Private Label Rights is the best, fastest and powerful way to get started as an online marketer. You may be asking the question, What are Private Label Rights or PLR? The best way for me to explain would be to talk about OPP and OPM or OPT Have you heard of the Concept of OPP – Other people’s Property? or OPT – Other People’s Time or OPM Other Peoples Money? Well, if you have, that’s great, if not, I will teach...

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What is Money? A Truth Seekers Point of View

I can give you a text book definition, but to be honest, it’s far from the truth. Rather than fire off a blanket text about what it is, with no foundation or premise, it would be prudent for me to paint a picture and then answer the question… What Is Money? The true definition of Money Money is a medium of exchange, it’s a tangible, valuable and trusted substance or object which is perceived to have value to the masses. Money has value in itself and of itself, that is to say, as a default substance, on a stand...

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Learn To love the Word No!

Why Should You Love The Word “No”? I believe I am a highly motivated and success orientated person and strive to achieve my goals and making new, ground breaking results in my life. However, I secretly ( I am OK to admit this now) hate to fail or give up. Now, there’s a key step that I must introduce to you so I may clarify some further points down the line.. Here are a few dictionary definitions for the verb (word) to ‘fail’ 1. Get worse 2. Stop operating or functioning; go bad; give way; die etc. 3. Prove...

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Success is a Journey Not A Destination

Success Is A Journey contrary to popular believe and misconception.  Everyone, even those you admire and respect are works in progress, do not be deceived. So the Questions we have to ask ourselves are: What is Success? and How to Become Successful? The dictionary definition of success is: An event that accomplishes its intended purpose A state of prosperity or fame It is interesting that the dictionary defines success as an ‘event’, like it is an isolated scenario that happens from time to time. It is no wonder the majority of people who do not achieve success are either programmed...

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Stress Is Overwhelming and Surprising

Stress Is One of Those Silent but Violent Types of Disorders… People experiences challenges all the time but you’d be amazed at the amount of stress that can be associated with some of the everyday challenges of life. One of those issues which has an ‘ugly head’ but must be addressed, is the issue of Stress. Sometimes it seems as if life is a series of losses —the loss of a spouse, the loss of a job, the loss of a brother.  You may realize that you need to take time to grieve all of these losses.  But what...

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