Keys To Success | Are You truly happy with Your Life?

Are you really and completely satisfied or [thrive_2step id='1098′]happy with your life[/thrive_2step] as it is right now or do you feel there is a lot more that you can get out of your life?

It is a common misconception to measure happiness or success with the amount of money you have accumulated. There has been significant amounts of wealthy men and women who have taken a life early because they felt they were not happy or their pursuit of money was the only motivation to the detriment of everything else such as family, health, forgiveness, helping others et cetera.

To make sure you’re on the right track there are a few pointers I can give that should help you put everything in perspective and ultimately help you assess if you are truly happy with your life as it is; and if not what you can do about it today to start making that change.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

mindset is such an important contributor in the review of your life accomplishments and whether you deem your achievements to date as a net result of being happy or not.

[thrive_2step id='1098′]The road to success [/thrive_2step] is rarely ever a straight line or a simple destination albeit when you set a satnav you have a start point and end point and as long as you have a desire to reach the end point you will get there no matter how long it takes.

So ultimately is how you see things are you positive in your thinking or are you negative. It’s important to have a gauge to realise when you are operating in negativity or you have a success mindset. Normally the friends you choose to associate with operates as a useful gauge.

Just because you’re not where you are at the moment does not mean it’s an opportunity to be yourself up about your life. Why not find something to celebrate instead and this will give you the drive and focus to continue to strive to achieve for whatever you believe will make you happy in your life.

Do You Know Exactly What It Is You Want – What Are Your Goals?

it’s not enough just have a desire, this will not enable you to fulfil your goals and ultimately is what leads to the silent feeling of fulfilment.

So why not use this opportunity to really decide what you want and then write these things down. Once you know what you want me to answer me to the bone and establish some clarity to convert your desire into a goal.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before I read this somewhere else effectively every goal must have a process attached to it so if you want to make £1 million in the next 10 years, that’s great  [thrive_2step id='1098′]but how you get there[/thrive_2step], what’s the process i.e. do you start business, were you now with the need to be, do you have anything save towards this, I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.

To get more clarity on how to set goals and how to move forward towards achieving happiness in your life you should check out this excellent course.

Do your desires and your goals match your behaviour and speech?

it’s one thing to state your goals and write them down and have a plan, all this is excellent however if your actions and behaviour are contrary to what you say you want then this can lead to being discontent and being unsatisfied.

For example there is no point stating that you want to lose 2 stone in six weeks, have a detailed plan of action and then failing to implement by continuing to eat the wrong foods and failing to exercise for example.

Yes, change can be difficult however if you failed to take action you will not move in the direction of your goals and it could be interpreted but you don’t really believe you can achieve what you want. The lesson here is to take immediate action and be consistent, this should help to change your state of mind.  [thrive_2step id='1098′]The process of building new habits [/thrive_2step] which will then wire and solidify a consistent mentality. Also what you say can affect what you do so be very mindful of your speech if you want to really achieve your goals.

Hang Around Positive People

I know it might sound obvious but it still is worth mentioning that birds of a feather flock together. So if you want to change your life habits and perhaps use the last five years trying to get somewhere you found yourself moving backwards or stationary then perhaps you should evaluate your friendships.

friendships ultimately means you or what you spend your time with most, so for example if you watch soap operas or do things often not in line with your goals that will lead to you being happy with your life (you know what this is), then you need to  [thrive_2step id='1098′]get the root of the problem [/thrive_2step] and deal with it. Normally the root issue is who you hang out with.

Your probably familiar with the saying “if you want what the wise man has then do what the wise man does”

Be an Action Taker

if you know that you truly are not happy with your life and you truly want to change things so you have the best life ever, then everything starts with a decision and then action.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive review to the keys success, but I’m sure you have received some nuggets to pause and think about where you are now and what you need to do to get to where you want to be or certainly a lot closer.

So get started, take action and be focused on seeing a change which will first be noticed on the inside before anyone else will realise it on the outside.

we have looked at what it takes to be truly happy with your life as part of the key to success series. Assuming you really enjoyed this article, I would invite you to invest in yourself and [thrive_2step id='1098′]download my free resource [/thrive_2step] which goes a lot deeper into the subject click here for more information

As always if you have any questions or any of what I’ve written has resonated with you in some way shape or form then please do leave a comment below, thank you.