Effective Ways To Achieve Happiness And Success In Your Life

in this series, we have been looking at ways in which you can achieve happiness in your life and addressing some of the keys to success in order to obtain the prize (more happiness).

Today I’m going to explore some more effective ways to achieve this and ultimately it is about controlling your mindset opposed to your surroundings.


A Strong Game Plan To Achieve Personal Discipline

Have you ever experienced a moment where you feel you’re way behind on where you should be or feel you should be a lot further ahead than where you are in your life? And then you might get to that point where we start to beat yourself up emotionally and attack ourselves? This is not the best way to deal with missing our goals and dreams in our lives especially if the focus is to be happier.

It is vitally important that one develops new habits and eliminate old habits. The area of personal development and self-discipline needs to be explored in more depth. I’m sure if you took time out to reflect a lot of the things in your life you probably would have done a better job at being disciplined in certain areas of your life, am I right? (you are not the only one)

Normally it’s the small things that we need to do that is also the hardest things that we must do. The key is to be consistent in doing a lot of smaller things well.


Visualise Where You Want To Be

in the area of fulfilling or achieving our goals in order to live a happy life, have you ever visualised what a happy life would like? I’m not just talking about writing your goals and having a Strong plan, but actually encouraging you to literally play the movie to your dream life.

Visualisation is a major part to achieving and accomplishing your goals. Most if not all of the greats whether in sports or technology or business in some way shape or form carried out a mental picture of what they wanted to see happening in their life which they deemed to make them happy.

Do not underestimate the power of visualisation, as you know everything is created twice in the first instance creation is carried out spiritually or internally and that is the power of the mind and ultimately visualisation.

How powerful would it be for you to be creating your perfect life every day? The subconscious mind does not know what is real and what is not real so effectively you could be living your dream life every single day.

Get Rid of Analysis Paralysis – Just Do It

sometimes we can be our own worst enemies by overthinking this situation. Once we have established our goals and have laid out plans of action to fulfil the goal along with a strong vision, it is important to take action.

It is never going be perfect especially the first time around; what I am talking about is perhaps your first attempt of creating your goals and you might want refining and changing and updating before you ever make a start… this is the worst thing you can do! Just turn the key and put your first step forward.


Generate a Mindset of Success

I have said this before and I’ll say it again: it is important to have a mindset or success. Stinking thinking just does not cut the mustard.

So if you have a disappointment or minor setback do not verbally or mentally beat yourself up as this is making things worse for you and also is a futile exercise. Instead congratulate yourself on what you’ve done so far, find an action that you can celebrate about and then move on.

Welcome mistakes because you can learn from them; there is such a thing as failing your way to success and allowing the failure to be your compass. Ultimately be positive and get rid of any reason to think negatively.


We have looked at further steps towards how we can achieve happiness and success in our lives. This is a very huge subject! Way too much to discuss in a few articles. I would like to invite you to access my special report which delves a lot deeper into this subject matter and I’m confident you will get much enjoyment and more importantly help you to achieve everything you want in life that bit faster. Click here to access


I trust that you gained some from value from this article, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below many thanks in advance.