Why Should You Love The Word “No”?

I believe I am a highly motivated and success orientated person and strive to achieve my goals and making new, ground breaking results in my life. However, I secretly ( I am OK to admit this now) hate to fail or give up.

Now, there's a key step that I must introduce to you so I may clarify some further points down the line..

Here are a few dictionary definitions for the verb (word) to ‘fail'

1. Get worse
2. Stop operating or functioning; go bad; give way; die etc.
3. Prove insufficient; run out
4. disappoint, prove undependable; abandon, forsake
5. flunk
6. Unsuccessful

(I think you get the message)

Let's look at the definition of the phrase: ‘give up'
1. Stop Maintaining or stop insisting; abandon
2. admit defeat, drop out; throw in the towel; quit
3. Agree to forgo;
4. stop consuming
5. relinquish possession or control over; surrender

etc…, etc…

what I would like to draw your attention to, above, is that to fail is not failure!
when and if you fail it is NOT the same as giving up!

yet, I used to think they were one and the same.

After much study on this subject, I now realize that successful people, those who are doing something or living a life that you personally dream of experiencing yourself… they fail often, but they are NOT failures, they are SUCCESSFUL because they refuse to quit an refuse to give up.

Successful people are HAPPY to fail but they never quit.


“Quitters never win and winners Never Quit”

So, whenever you hear or receive the word NO in your journey of life, be prepared to embrace it, not get disappointed by it!

Infact, this quote sums it up very well…

“Your desire to succeed should be far greature than your fear of failure”

When you study out the lives of those who are generally considered excellent in their field such as:

Michael Jordan; Abraham Lincoln, Conellel Sanders (KFC), Einstein, Arnold Swatzenager, Sylvester Stallon, Jim Carey, Mary K Ash, Napolean Hill; Alexander graham bell, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Archimedes (Eureka!)  and on and on the list goes..

Study for yourself

I would encourage you to make time and study their stories
(put the rocky 5 clip in about winning) and see the trend for yourself about success, attitude, focus, determination, guts, endurance and hard work.

Embrace ‘No'

Acknowledge that you will fail at times, but that to fail is not failure.

If you are reading this and you are a parent, have you noticed how children learn and grow.

1. they have no fear, (fear is a programmed response)
2. when they wanted to walk, they tried (and failed) and tried (and failed) and tried again (and failed). But each and every time they discovered something new, and tried new approaches to get up and start walking until eventually, they are running all over the house, climbing up and down the stairs and all sorts.

My favorite book says it like this:
” A just man falls seven times but he gets up again”

So, in closing, I want to encourage you to embrace ‘No'.

be willing to fail in order to succeed!

remember what i said before… the will to succeed should be greater than the fear of failure.

eliminate the fear of failure by:

  1. Accept you may have to hear a lot of no's to get to your yes
  2. do not take anything personal at all
  3. if things do not seem like it's working out, ‘find a way or make a way'
  4. frustration is your enemy not your friend!
  5. practice make progress, you only get better with experience not with time! So go get your ‘No's' in order to get closer to your yes and enjoy the journey!
  6. Success is a journey not a destination… do not let anything get in your way if you want that thing bad enough, you will get it!

Brian Tracy said it like this…

There are no such things as unrealistic goals.. just unrealistic time frames.


Feel free to leave your thoughts about this post. DO you agree? Disagree? is it a new paradigm shift for you? Leave a comment below…