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Richard Ansah – 17-01-2018



Welcome to My Blog.

This is MY Blog, meaning this is not necessarily niche focused, it's about me helping you in some way.

I have learnt a lot, and have many experiences and more importantly, I just want to help others and benefit many people so it would be a good start if I
attached a bit of clarity to this blog and what is means to you.

I will be sharing information on topics important to me such as:

* Personal Development (I am a big fan)
* health and wellness
* fitness, also on
* the power of focus
* deliberate practice
* discipline
* consistency
* failure and failing often
* understanding the power of ‘NO'
* visualization and imagination
* the self image

* leadership and development on the most complex organism known to man…the human mind (how we think and how we become successful)
* I will be sharing about financial intelligence principles
* How to make more money
* How to manage your money
* how to protect your money and wealth
* How to access financial Information to address your wealth
* How to leverage your money to make more money/ income

* business experiences and why it's important to have at least a secondary means of income if not your own outright business
* I will also be addressing topics on how to make your money and finances work as hard for you as you do for yourself.

As you can see from the above content, I have a lot on my mind and my heart, it's rather an eclectic mix and I am confident you will find the subject matter.

So, where do you start?

The main vein or pulse of this blog will ultimately be financial, however, finances are rarely straightforward neither is it a wholly exclusive subject by itself.
Normally a challenge with finances is linked to a challenge with our emotions and internal ‘, they almost operate in tandem in my opinion.

Effectively pick a topic or category that is most pertinent to you and your situation and literally follow it through.

It would be good for us to stay in touch, so I would very much like for you to sign up to my newsletter so I can keep you up to date with what's happening and
continue to have the opportunity to add value into your life until we see a positive change.

I have many resources to help you as they have also helped me, and from time to time I may introduce specific products that I wholly believe will help solve a
problem or be a very practical help to develop your learning and eliminate ignorance in a particular area of your life.

So in light of this, there will be related topics addressing personal development issues as I have eluded to above.

So, why not get started with my Financial Intelligence Bootcamp. It's a 8 days Mini course, completely free and will open your eyes to the issues and questions surrounding money, wealth, debt and business.

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I'll see you on the other side!


To your success