Success Is A Journey contrary to popular believe and misconception.  Everyone, even those you admire and respect are works in progress, do not be deceived. So the Questions we have to ask ourselves are: What is Success? and How to Become Successful?

The dictionary definition of success is:

  1. An event that accomplishes its intended purpose
  2. A state of prosperity or fame

It is interesting that the dictionary defines success as an ‘event', like it is an isolated scenario that happens from time to time. It is no wonder the majority of people who do not achieve success are either programmed to believe that Success is a destination or one time event in life.

You will read a lot within this website about goal striving and facing disappointments or to fail as often as possible to ultimately be successful.

Success is a Journey and not a destination.

As long as we are moving towards our goal, our predetermined destination; and the road map of how to get there (to the best of our knowledge), it is important to enjoy the ride!

keep an eye out for the next post and pages due to be released shortly.

I will be investigating how to achieve Success in your particular endeavour and also in life. The are two distinct events in life, in fact it is very easy to continually ‘fail' in life until success is finally attained… so watch this space.

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To be continued…