Have You Ever Thought About Using PLR or Private Label Rights in Your Business?

In my opinion PLR or Private Label Rights is the best, fastest and powerful way to get started as an online marketer.

You may be asking the question, What are Private Label Rights or PLR? The best way for me to explain would be to talk about OPP and OPM or OPT

Have you heard of the Concept of OPP – Other people's Property? or OPT – Other People's Time or OPM Other Peoples Money?

Well, if you have, that's great, if not, I will teach you a  simple but very powerful wealth principle… are you ready?

Other People's Property or Other People's Time – A Simple but Powerful Wealth Principle…

A very wise billionaire taught me recently that Leverage + Value = Wealth.

Over the years I have grown to learn that leverage is the fastest way to build and grow wealth, weather you run a business and have a system or you are an investor and capitalise on the rule of 72, you are utilising leverage in some way.

The concept of value is equally valid, as you will not go very far if you are known as being tight and not exceeding people's expectations when they purchase something from you. Especially in this day and age where competition is strong and one is trying to get their head above the Internet Marketing Profit Making Parapet. Value or Exceeding value is what will get you the attention you are looking for.

However, if you have ever tried to create your own product before, whether it be to sell online or any other capacity be it a course or workshop; write and publish a book or even host a few friends for dinner; you will know it takes a considerable amount of effort to get it right and to make it good! Even if you are an expert, most accomplished people take pride in making the next piece of work better than their last, so it's still a time consuming and relatively exhausting exercise when trying to design and build a new product.

So, utilising the concept of leverage, you now have a few choices…

firstly, you can employ a team to help you build a product – this is a good idea but the draw backs would be cost and time in terms of training etc.

Secondly, you can find someone else to design and build the complete project for you – again, great idea but even more costly than the first idea. In my experience most people do not have the resources for option one or two above, especially if you are getting started as an online or internet marketer.

The third option, which is my recommendation, is to acquire the license to the use and rights of someone else's product. Now, there's a few ways of doing this, and I am not going to get into High Ticket opportunities in this article, but the best option, especially if you are getting started is to use PLT or Private Label Rights.

Someone has gone through the pain staking time and trouble to not just design a product but produce it as well

Good PLR producers normally include absolutely everything that you will need to make it your own and give the product your own identity and flare – legally and lawfully, however, what's even more exciting is that you could start making money with this product literally right away – how awesome is that?

So coming back to my original point: Leverage + Value = Wealth.

A good PLR package would normally fulfil the above criteria, and all you have to do is to take action and actually leverage the content by creating a package in your chosen niche or interest.

Different Types of Rights & Privileges 

There are different types of licencing rights and it is very important you take notice if you are exploring the option of utilise PLR.

Personal Rights Only

As it says ‘on the tin', this is where ONLY the purchaser or owner has the right to use the content, and absolutely no rights to market, change/ edit or sell the content.

Private Resale Rights or Resale Rights

If you purchase a product which has ‘Private Resale Rights' – it means that you have the right to not only utilise or consume the information for your own personal use, but you can typically use the material to re-purpose for your own benefit or re-sell as if it were your own product (True Leverage)

At this point, I need to explain a few more points as it is very important.

Some PLR providers are very relaxed about their stipulation regarding how and where the content should appear.

One of my favourite PLR Providers has just two rules:

I only have two rules at the PLR XXXX:

1.) Don't use my name on it 🙂

2.) Don't pass along the PLR rights to your buyers.

That's it!

Others may have variations for example:


The main thing is to check what you can or can not do as private label rights products, especially high end products will help preserve originality and uniqueness.

Typically, you can only make minor adjustments with plr products, rarely can you re-name the product or present yourself as the author for example.

Master Resale Right or MMR

If you can invest in yourself and or your business, always try to purchase products with master resale rights. I have seen some authors literally transform the marketing, provide a new name, change colours and graphics etc and then resell the product as their own – you would never now it was originally produced by someone else.  this is the ultimate type of private label you want, so literally the product is yours to do as you please (within the instructions of the plr provider)

Types of Products Available

You can purchase all sorts of products from

  • free plr ebooks,
  • plr articles which you can give away
  • plr membership sites
  • master resell rights websites
  • squeeze page templates
  • sales page templates
  • sales videos as plr

you can even purchase products in a variety of niches. The most popular would be Internet Marketing and pretty much every sub niche within Internet Marketing.

I have interest from Internet marketing, self development which includes health, wellness and fitness, chronic pain, even financial education. There's even a provider who designs actual workshop courses in pretty much any subject, all you have to do is add the finishing touches and away you go, you become a subject matter expert literally over night!

There are many plr providers out there, however a strong word of warning. Not all Plr is good quality.

The Best Providers in My Opinion

If you are getting started as an online marketer, you have probably heard this time and time again…

Develop your Own Products!

And if you have tried this as I mentioned earlier, it can take AGES to develop a product (not always).

So using Private Label Rights products is one of the best ways to get started and having your ‘own' products to sell and market on the internet.

I made some mistakes over the years trying to find good quality providers. Finally I have found quite a few and they are all VERY HIGH Quality.

One of my favourite providers is Unstoppableplr.com

Aurelius Tjin produces content in the Internet Marketing niche as well as self development niche.


I trust you enjoyed this article and have now a better insight into What are Private Label Rights or PLR? and discovered one of the best ways getting started as an online marketer

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To your success.