I Think Memberships Sites Are Amazing!

In this article I will attempt to show you why memberships are totally awesome. I will go through the practical basics of how to build a membership (I'll keep it very simple) as well as the business basics such as building a Continuity Income Stream for your business/ Sales funnel

I absolutely love Membership Sites, everything about them are fascinating (Maybe I am just boring who knows? 🙂 ) and enjoyable including designing them and creating a unique style for multiple topics and niches.

I find  delivering content to your subscribers and customers provides great value, and I love producing awesome and great value!

Let Me Explain Why

Expression of Self and Providing Maximum Value

Firstly, These types of sites are an extension of you! I know people have blogs and publish articles etc, but what do you do, if you want to deliver your best work and content for customers/ clients who want to invest in themselves based on the value you deliver? This is not possible without utilising some form of membership facility where you provide exclusivity.

Obviously I have seen beautiful and very practical memberships and I've also seen diabolical members sites (I guess something is better than nothing at all), buit as in life you get out what you put in…

Having your own product, your own digital identity is not only awesome, but essential for business, Like Zig Ziglar always says…

if you help enough people get what they want, you will ultimately get what you want …

This means you can never be broke if you are always serving and adding value to other people's lives. I believe membership sites are a brilliant way to deliver such value and be a content creator's mouth piece where your gift can be transmitted globally for the benefit of others.

Protection of Your Content

As I eluded to earlier, it is imperative you have a means or a method of delivering your higher end and exclusive content if you are an online marketer. This includes being able to re-purpose your offline content to deliver it online and generate more revenue.

It's vital that as a content designer and marketer you have the peace of mind that your content is secure and no one can benefit for free (or get the “DEEPER for the Cheaper” ).

It's possible to ‘restrict access to certain types of content via your blog. Some marketers do this very effectively but in my view they are just afraid to move with the times. Generally speaking, restricting content on your blog is NOT a membership it's just a means to enable certain individuals to access your content.

Building A Sense of Community and Belonging

Remember, Membership implies community and promoting a sense of belong and being part of a team or group of like minded individuals. I am not going to labour this point too much within this article as this topic in essence is a whole other science. Just get it into your minds that your membership software or website must incorporate an aspect of friendliness and inclusion, especially if you want to retain your members.


Building A Membership Website

Again, this is a whole topic which deserves it's own mention. For now I will attempt to keep things very simple for now and give you the foundation building blocks to explore more information if need be.

There are a few certain aspects that must be considered when creating a site for your members.

  1. Planning The content –
    1. What Niche?
    2. how it will be delivered (video, text, audio etc)
    3. the order of the delivery
    4. will everything be downloaded or hosted on the membership
    5. how big do you plan for this site to be?
    6. Will it host multiple memberships (bronze, silver , gold, platinum etc) and courses
    7. will it be free or paid
    8. will those paying be subscribers monthly/ annually or just a one off paid membership.
    9. How often will the membership be updated?
  2. Membership Site Template – what will you use?
    1. There's many templates and software that can be used to provide templates
    2. The are Free membership site builders and paid ones, the paid ones are best and most robust
    3. Will it be self hosted via WordPress or Joomla
    4. Will you use a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform such as Kujabi or Rainmaker
    5. which theme will you use (Self Hosted)?
    6. You could purchase a ‘Done for You'/ PLR Membership site
  3. Then you have to consider how you are going to get your subscribers
    1. Content Marketing
    2. Paid Advertising
    3. Social Media
    4. JV Opportunity

I know the above seems like a massive ‘to do' list but in reality it's not, it just take a bit of getting used to, a mind shift.

WordPress Is Very Popular For Building Memberships Sites 

This is mainly due to the ease of use of WordPress as well as the stiff competition that is now available as far as membership Plugins go.

I personally use a very powerful and robust membership and Affiliate Software called Digital Access Pass of DAP. It's been around for about 8 years and is a market contender, albeit slightly underrated in the market, in my opinion it's the best WordPress Membership Plugin on the market.


WordPress Membership Plugin Comparison.

Chris Lema did a very detailed review of the majority WordPress Membership Plugins available (click here to View the post). For the record, I do not agree with everything Chris has said for his reviews, however it's still worth a read.

My top 5 recommendations for WordPress Membership Software is:

  1. Digital Access Pass
  2. MemberMouse
  3. Memberium (for Infusionsoft Users)
  4. MemberPress
  5. S2Member

These are TRUE Membership Site Plugins and not an excuse for E-Commerce or something else.